Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are You Tracking Trends?

Effective Promotions use cultural and demographic trends that motivate your target audience. Did you ever wear leggings in the 80’s or a beehive hairdo in the 60’s? If so you were part of a trend. Currently apparel in our industry caters to both the traditional work apparel as well as contemporary style like burn out, tattoo inspired arm wraps, as well as hot fabric choices like bamboo, environmental conscious with recycled content.
Apparel suppliers offer new lines seasonally, with name brand product choices, popular requests for fabrics, knock offs to name brand looks and of course the “HOT” colors or styles for that season.

What is the difference between a fad and a trend? In short, trends are products that are showing a wave of change. In our industry the push towards green product in all categories such as sustainable, organic and recycled as risen steady the past three years. BY contrast fads are immediate impulses like “pet rocks” from the 70’s! Sometimes fads can continue to resurface across generations like tie dye. What was your worst fad?

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