Saturday, June 30, 2018

Made in America

Without doubt the pending 4th will have many more consumers thinking about USA made products, but do they buy? Sometimes- for many decades, Americans have purchased imported products because they are inexpensive.  However using domestically made products for your promotions is a great way to differentiate your brand and your company.

What 'Made in USA' actually mean??   
Made & assembled in USA with "all or virtually all" American made parts.

What are some of our favorites?

NORTH CAROLINA TEXTILES! Did you see them at our show on Wednesday? 

            Let's have a party- check out these popular items
Functional low cost? Many of these products are made in house
kitchen, education, events, drink ware, tools, ideas that measure up and are USA made
Socially responsible and USA made? Yes!  
Kitchen scrubbers- functional in a variety of spaces- watch this video 
How is a foam finger made?
Hospitality products! 
Spirit, educational, awareness
lapel pins- quick turn options
luxurious bags, blankets- custom made, USA, NC and disabled veteran owned

Ask our team to show you some USA options next time you are in the showroom!

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