Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Corporate Anniversaries: A Perfect Fit for Decorated Apparel

A week ago we celebrated our 11th year, as well as our first month in our new location. While normally we don't dress in matching branded apparel, our team wore the popular Strata shirt. We showcased how embroidery can be featured in a variety of locations. Think about it, employees know where they work, consumers are savvy enough to see matching shirts and well, left chest all the time? Boring! For something different try the hip, the sleeve or the yoke on the back of your shirt. Branding is not about you- YOU know where you's for others to notice YOU. Be a little more unpredictable!

If our open house had been in the fall,  “varsity” pullover would have been a great “corporate anniversary” piece.

Our friends at Vantage did some research and determined that every year, nearly two-million companies reach a significant corporate milestone. Miles tones such as five years, fifty years, or even one-hundred years in business. These anniversaries present great advertising opportunities because promoting the number of years in business tells customers your company is both experienced & trustworthy.

Anniversary-themed promotional products are an excellent way to gain new clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients. At our Open House we had over 70 attendees- each left with a bag of goodies. The choices ranged from sunglasses for National Sunglasses Day, coffee stout flavored lip balm with our new address, microfiber cleaning cloths with some stat's demonstrating how branding wipe out your competition, national date calendars and the ever popular sticky notes & pen combo; which included mop tops for their tote bag! Door prizes included beach towels, canvas totes, luggage tags, polo shirts, running gloves and copper insulated drink ware! What's the point? Celebrate anniversaries with items folks will keep, use and enjoy- allowing your brand exposure to soar!

Celebrating with Unique Decorated Apparel

Decorated apparel is an excellent choice for corporate anniversaries. When each employee is rewarded with a new, anniversary-themed piece of apparel, they become an active participant in the company’s legacy and the corresponding marketing message.

The eye-catching piece that stole the trade-show's this year was a pullover with a large front applique logo displaying “1950” across the chest with the company’s logo also embroidered on the left bicep sleeve area. Another popular option involves utilizing multiple placements on a polo shirt. For example, the left chest could display the company’s logo, and the right bicep could display the year in which the company was founded (e.g. “Est. 1916”).

What are you ready to celebrate??

Join us on August 1 between 10-12 to learn more about how you can use branded apparel as a gift or recognition piece when we host the Holly Springs Chamber of Commerce for a ribbon cutting- register on their website or check the link in our monthly newsletter to register to attend. 

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