Saturday, April 28, 2018

6 Spring Apparel Trends that Command Attention

1.      If you missed our April event with Trimark, there is still time as part of our May anniversary month to take advantage of special pricing. We featured numerous processes including: 

  1. Metallic
  • Shiny features on apparel are among the most popular trend this season. Seize this opportunity with metallic transfers including metallic embroidery. Our friends at Trimark offer many different decoration methods. Be the first in your company with the eye catching HXD method that offers no limits on colors including metallic gold and silver and gives your logo a 3D look.


  • Paint splatters and graffiti inspired designs are a fun and creative trend this season. These designs work well with Trimark’s InFusion decoration method. This method is permanent, breathable and has a retail, fashion forward look.

3.      Brand Patterns
  • Branded apparel is not just for identification of employees. In fact, if you want employees to wear items in their leisure or you want your best referral partner to actually wear your branded gift- be subtle and fun-  put the branding in an unexpected location. From the show some of my favorite pieces demonstrated mixed media processes with a pop. Such as this zoo jacket. 

  • Patterns are an up and coming trend that gets your brand in the spotlight. This technique works well on apparel with a pocket or tag for a custom message to employees.

4.      Digital Photos
  • This is a modern trend that gives your decoration a realistic, detailed look. InFusion works perfectly for this style. Trimark has a Photograffixx transfer technique that also produces a crisp look.

5.      Retro
  • Classic oldie but goodie! Retro logos are in style again. If you are looking for a vintage, distressed or faded style, try the InFusion technique or a distressed embroidery method.

6.      Patchwork
  • Quilting and patchwork is an up and coming trend that will be admired by the masses. Asymmetry is what’s hot this year; try it out with different patterns and textures. Try using a variety of decoration techniques to get the full results.
Dimensional logos, layered with other processes were a hit with every attendee to the April show.

Did you know the dimensional HDX can be applied to hard goods too?

Keith's new favorite shirt is this one- the fabric has be suede-ed, making the performance fabric feel soft rather than clingy- and it has no shoulder seams. No time to visit the showroom, you know we make "house calls"!

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