Sunday, July 30, 2017

Who's Holding Your Brand?

Yesterday we suggested going out on a limb to expand your definition of a promotional product. Looking at the utility of a product in a different way only requires a little creative thinking! It's hot to "re-purpose" an old product for a new function. However, often our clients just need a little    re-direction to consider how a product can be used to enhance engagement and capture their story.  Are the items in the photo to the left luggage tags? Yes, but the ones with the pocket could also be used on a lanyard to hold ID badge or an electronic key card.  The long strip style could be used as a key tag, an invitation to grand opening or become a signature item exclusive to season ticket holders as a VIP pass to their seat.

                                   Your open to ideas, but don't know where to start?

Always start with a plan!

  • How will you use the product to convey a message about your company?
  • Where & how will you distribute the product? 
  • Why & how do you expect the recipient to use your product?
  • What is your take away message?

Our company tagline is " a place where ideas get results". Results happen when product selection resonate with the recipient; becoming part of the message rather than a product with a name on it. The amount of choice for promotional products to brand can be overwhelming to many clients.

How do we decide what types of products to show you? 

Maybe you need a unique way to commemorate benchmark dates, such as this 50th anniversary oversized police patch.

Maybe your logo is difficult to embroider, but can be reproduced with an innovative process that creates a digital print that appears to be embroidered; allow us to capture your details & provide the depth of a stitched piece.

Maybe your company has volunteers lending a helping hand by building homes, working in community gardens or planting trees for a local school in need. Gloves are the "right fit" for many promotions.

Why do our product selections work? 

  •  Collaboration- Of course you can purchase promotional items on-line. In fact, you can purchase while drinking your morning coffee in your PJ's; access is 24-7. At Promotional Partners, a plan of action starts with conversation. Our clients meet in showroom with an expert advisor to discuss what they want to achieve. An on- line company is set up for a transaction rather than a conversation. An e- commerce site does not delve into your marketing plan or provide sound marketing advice.  
  • Creativity- When we collaborate, clients share valuable information. Recently a client left a larger firm to start her own firm. When asked how she planned to position her company's assets, she replied, "I need to give it some thought." Instead, pushing for for her to "sell" her service, she provided a list of distinguishing markers for her company. Suddenly product selection was easier, which put her message center stage.
  • Certification - EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION; are words that never go out of style.  

            • We provide product education
            • We research trends and new products
            • We partner with company's that provide product safety information, adhere to rigorous certifications and pledge to standby strict codes of conduct.
            • We can match your goals with values such as environmentally friendly operations, social responsibility or other key areas of importance to your company.  

 Going out on a limb does not have to be scary. As your marketing partner we have the expertise to help you decide whether covering your recipient's hands and feet is a smart move to showcase their brand. Putting your brand in the palm of your target market's hand is our purpose!

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