Friday, July 28, 2017

Sock It To 'Um!

I don't know who Frank Scully is, but apparently he stated, "Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?" Now why would I share that quote? On a limb, you'd find a sock....follow me here....if you want to "sock it to 'um" you need the element of surprise. To get one's full attention, you'd better pack a punch. Right?

In the world of branding, requests often fall along similar lines: magnetic, drink ware, writing instruments, calendars, tech products and apparel. When clients think apparel they think tee shirts, polo shirts, jackets, sweaters and caps. However chances are excellent that you do something everyday- cover your feet! 

Socks my friend! Slippers, boot socks for hiking, resort cozy socks, run-walk awareness socks, socks that make a statement, socks in high visibility for safety and socks for work boots. Think about the brand message, break down the elements of a sock. Socks are used for warmth, which translates to health, care and concern. Socks for running or walking are tied to fitness goals. Fundraising for charities or spirit wear become a sign of unity- a walking billboard! 

Socks are the an unexpected punch. Socks, unlike most apparel are fairly unisex; avoiding sizing issues. Socks are form instant teams and partners. As a promotional product, socks fit provide strong ROI (return on your investment), affordable, functional, fun solutions and can be worn numerous times for outrageous impressions.

Socks are just plain fun! Even the those who opt for a basic wardrobe will consider fun socks. (psst- Keith wears some Boston Celtic socks he got for Christmas! )

Enjoy the word play. Allow your message really connect with the recipient. 

Use the element of surprise and the strong visual.

Your home- slip into something comfortable- slippers!
We're more comfortable paired with you! 


We won't let you down- gripper socks! 
We insure your safety!
Get a grip on spending- we will make you comfortable in your retirement years!


Running for office? Follow me to the polls!
 Sell USA made products? Provide USA made socks! Your part of the fabric of this country!

Want to get a parks and recreation bond passed? Show support with the message that you look forward to playing sports, walking or hiking on the new green ways & fields. 

Company picnic? Fun full color socks for teams; team building will be remembered long after the event.

Support a charity? Wear it with pride. Brand your logo with the charity you support.

Reward Employees at monthly meetings- you are our super power! 
Large corporate companies- Does everyone sits in the same groups? Do you have employees that don't even know other departments? Give out socks in 3 or 4 different color corporate color patterns; group employees for the next meeting by the color of their sock. 
Call to Action- Make sure our service knocks their socks off! 

 Whatever type of socks you like to wear- sock it to 'um. If you don't go out on a limb, you won't find the fruit. Be different, you might just knock their socks off!

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