Friday, June 24, 2016

Buttons, Bags and Billons of Dollars Share a Common Thread

And it all started with a button, a bag growing into an industry of over 20 billion dollars. Promotional products are embedded into advertising; a requirement for a successful campaign. 

  • A promotional product offers a measurable and proven track record for performance. These products offer the lowest cost per impression, the highest recall and retention of any form of advertising and with an average of less than a penny per impression- a stronger return on one’s investment when promoting their brand.

  • Promotional products have become part of the culture of trade shows, sponsorship's, fundraising, recognition and retention of employees and customers via well designed programs. There is no sign of promotional products disappearing; branding your name on products and signage as become an expectation in business. 

How did this industry get started? 

The first known promotional product was in 1789, a commemorative button for Washington’s presidency!

How did promotional products transition from commemorative s to brand building and advertising medium? Feedbags! 

A local printer noticed that the kid’s books fell in the mud on the way home from school. He showed the local grocer that he could put his name on the sacs for the kids to carry- functional solution that was appreciated; and rewarded with continues sales at his store. 

By 1903, 12 promotional product manufactures formed a group to address pricing, innovation, business losses and managing salesmen. 

From there the innovation never stopped. In fact, have you ever wondered how the pocket protector got its start? It was a promotional product designed to sell slip-on vinyl covers that protected loose-leaf binders! 

Are you surprised?



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