Thursday, June 30, 2016

Breeze from Summer to Early Fall - Easy Ways To Connect

Staying "top of mind" is the key to promotional product success. On-going distributions during the year geared towards your company's services, benefits, and values will keep your client focused or direct employees to what's important to your organization.

Yearly branding doesn't have to be complicated.

Who's to say when a promotion has to start. Think about that for just a moment. For your last promotion did the recipient know it was coming? Maybe....if you attended a trade show or you always send out a holiday gift, your recipient might have expected it. However unless you are extremely disciplined you probably vary the day or distribution from year to year; perhaps even the number of expo's you exhibit.

Chances are however that if you plan a special to reward customers with a redemption gift or you decide that employees can compete for a fun desk item those are example of distributions individuals did not see coming.

My point is it's never too late to add a distribution or create a program for your company. Unexpected might be just the thing your company needs to spur on sales or generate more morale internally.

Need some ideas? 

Glad you asked- one of our summer interns created this list for you- see our next post for a list of ideas. 

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