Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's A Wrap!

It's a wrap and I don't mean it's dinner time or the filming is complete- I"m talking about the size of your imprint area. An imprint provides such an open canvas to your brand message.

In many cases a mug or tumbler has an option for a “wrap” imprint. A wrap simply means that the image can wrap around the surface of the piece much like your hand would wrap around the item when holding it. 

What's the advantage? Flexibility for your message

  1.  The wrap imprint your group to use two different imprints for one set up price!
  2.  Brand your logo on both sides- a plus for left or right handed users
  3.  The ability to add content- your location, top tips, your value proposition 
  4.  Increase your logo size by maximizing the space. Literally wrapping your logo around the surface of the piece. * wraps can be different sizes; not one size fits all.
  5.  Add your logo on one side and share the second side with a co-brander; great for sponsorship!

The examples here show how we were able to incorporate a company's brand message into their imprint wrap . 

“Ronald’s” feet follow around the tumbler design for KTL McDonald’s; encouraging recipients to follow their feet and visit each of their locations. These were distributed to key attendees when a new location was added to the franchise owner's chain making the recipient aware of the corporation's footprint in the community. 

Leith Automotive Group's campaign to employees using the tumblers, provided a functional item in their daily routine in addition to a constant reminder to the recipient of the core values that make Leith the Name You Can Trust.
What's been your favorite way to utilize this space?

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