Sunday, November 8, 2015

Are You Positioned For Growth? Part 1

As we race to the end of the year, many of our clients will begin thinking of new strategies for 2016. We are no exception. Our industry grinds to a halt the last couple weeks of each year. Internally we use this time to re-tool, re-focus and re-fuel our direction for the coming year so we are "ready".
If you could find a money tree in 2016, what would it look like? How large would it need to be? What denomination of bills would need to be yielded each year? In other words, have you quantified the number of new clients needed to grow your company's revenue. How ill you achieve that growth? New clients or generating more revenue with your existing client base? Do know what the figures look like to implement changes in your operations? 
Being able to answer these types of questions helps us suggest the right types of promotional pieces. Knowing your objectives and the long term value of your ideal client base helps to determine the return on investment required to achieve your growth goals each year. 

Define your expect result, what action will occur due to your promotion?

  • What is the message/call to action with the promotions you plan to implement
  • Determine the medium for developing that message 
  • Plan for when and how you will measure the results
  • Do you have a mechanism in place or plan to process the leads using your promotional campaign? 
  • Will have a plan to implement strategies when grown occurs?
  • What major point do you want to communicate with branded pieces?  
  • What change will occur with your message?
  • What's the schedule and method of distribution you plan to use?
  • Will you need fulfillment or inventory?
  • How will this piece be part of your message related to your objectives?   
    • What is your target audience? 
    • Are there specific demographics related to age, income, gender, geography to consider in product selection?
    • This there a theme tied to the promotion?
    • What additional marketing collateral needs to be considered. 
           Part 2- where do you start with developing a message?

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