Monday, June 7, 2010

Working with your Friends

Collateral Referrals is one of those buzz words used in networking frequently, but what does it really mean? We pitch to our clients constantly to fully utilize the relationships that they have with other business partners that refer within their network. For example, if you are in real estate and you are working with home repair services, mortgage brokers, appraisers, inspectors, decorators, or closing attorneys, then it only makes sense to work together in marketing your business. On May 1st each spring the town of Apex opens its doors to the community with Peakfest. This year award winning Anna's Pizzeria and your very own Promotional Partners teamed up with a promotional piece to advertise our location and services. We dished up pizza slices on red flying discs to hungry festival attendees. They loved the idea and came away with a fun summer toy. Did you know that promotional products are kept on average over 7 months or that 84% of recipients remember you name after receiving a product and 62% did business with companies after receiving the product? We knew and thanks to us so did our business client, Anna's Pizzeria! For only $0.89 for 250 units, flying discs provide a low cost per impression with a high rate of return for both of us! Post a question about how we can help you market with another company for an upcoming promotion. Create you post by June 25th for a chance to win a huge Promotional Partners duffel bag, perfect for summer trips!


  1. Great idea and we ate pizza on your disc at Peak Fest! I love this joint marketing idea with a business do you handle the cost on something like this? Do you just split the cost for the product?
    Becca Smith
    Robert G. (Bob) Smith, CPA

  2. What if you want shirts for your staff, but they cannot agree on the style? one style certainly does not fit all! help!

  3. Becca,

    Glad you enjoyed some pizza at PeakFest! Yes, when we partner with another business it's that simple, we just split the costs. There are many products that have a large imprint area making these types of partnerships a great marketing tool. For example a stadium cushion has a huge imprint area that will support multiple logos. If businesses that already refer to one another team up for this type of promotional opportunity they are endorsing the other business,reducing their advertising costs and branding to a larger audience. It's a "win-win".

  4. Joy,

    It happens all the time. I suggest you agree on a color for the shirt or jacket, then let everyone pick the style they will wear. Branding only works when it's worn and seen.