Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How Do Calendars Compare to Other Media?

Newspaper ads have a life cycle for that issue and those readers; they compete for attention and may miss the target audience completely. Often we hear that businesses do them for brand identity rather than acquisition, choosing to advertise with projects and events we'd like to be associated within the community. Other forms of advertising that are common include magazines, radio, calendars, television, internet, and direct mail. Before considering an avenue for advertising, consider the following 5 components:

  • Will the ad be directly aimed at the prospect?

  • What is your message? It should be clear.

  • Is the advertising affordable to you? Calculate your initial investment, the prospective number of views, and the frequency. Keep a log of how you acquire new clients to know if it was the pens distributed or the ad on the radio that brought in the customer as this will help you measure the performace of your advertising dollars when you track your ROI and CPI.

  • Does the advertising method you choose offer a flexibility of options?

  • Will your ad be competing with others in the same space or time for attention to your target audience?

Why Do Calendars Work?

  1. Visual appeal for your brand

  2. Presence; on wall or desk

  3. Targeted distribution

  4. Cost effective for Cost Per Impression, frequency of views

  5. Use a design that reflects your business, even go custom. There are plenty of options including color, design, and format

  6. High visibility, 12 months. Consider making it interactive with specials or tips.

  7. High perceived value for a gift because it's useful.

  8. Look at your workspace right now; most people have an average of 2.5 calendars in their workspace. How do you rank?

Helping Our Community

Our community in the RDU area is filled with personal stories for how organizations and non profits are funded every day by businesses that care. Volunteer hours are logged and numerous individuals benefit from the local endeavors of our business community. Every business should plan to be vested in the community for one of the many areas that can benefit from their talents, their knowledge or their funding. At Promotional Partners we work closely with schools in the area supporting learning opportunities at the school, creating internships at our location, and donating to local schools in a variety of programs to help generate the funding students need to be successful. Serving on the education committee of the Apex Chamber of Commerce, it provided me a great sense of community to see that 31 business or individuals gave money to help raise over $10,000 to help our local Apex schools. Please become a fan of the Apex Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and visit their chamber website to learn more about who is helping in our community.

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