Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Planting while Promoting

MOO......says the cow! We know what noise a cow makes, but did you know that the ad specialty industry has cow shaped and patterned products? Cow aprons, banners, table covers, pencils, and of course cow bells just to name a few items related to cows. However, how do you brand a cow (excuse the pun) when your goal is to showcase education and sell ice cream? Maple View Farms is a local working farm, located around the Hillsbourgh area just minutes away from any destination in the RDU area!

Challenged with two large marketing events in April, Maple View Farms needed ideas to promote both their education center as well as their yummy ice cream. Among the items we suggested was a seeded paper ornament in their Maple View Blue, with a custom inserted seed card to explain what their education center has to offer guests. By producing the print media communications on seeded paper, the farm was able to explain their mission while giving their visitors an item that could be planted after the event to produce flowers! At only $0.62 per unit it was a perfect way to show how a farm makes use of our earth growing and planting seeds for future rewards!

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  1. Our family loves this ice cream. The News and Observer has made several references to fans and their loyality as well as pointing out grocer's that stock the ice cream in their business section. In Cary, "The Meat House" carries this line.