Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Promoting Art

Ad Specialties creates an environment ripe for fun and innovation. Ideas to market your business don't have to be expensive; they only need to be true to your mission and objectives. Recently artist and motivational speaker DJ Svoboda visited our company looking for an economical way for him to promote his art and serve as a reminder of his speaking engagements after the event. Capitalizing on the ability to capture graphics in full color with digital imprinting, we teamed with Gemini Industries to use a full color key tag to reproduce DJ's art! Using the key tag at only $0.69 for as few as 125 units was the perfect way to showcase DJ's art, while providing him with a low cost item that is easy for him to carry to his speaking engagements. Here is the feedback we received form DJ after his first speaking engagement with the key tags in hand:

"The Conference in Abingdon, Virginia was a very amazing and incredible success! It went really well and lots of lives were touched greatly. The key chains did great. I sold some, I even had to sign one. We showed them to our friends and family and they really liked them a lot too. My Mom and I greatly appreciate all your wonderful and awesome help. Thank you greatly for everything and we wish you a very amazing and incredible day everyday!!"

To learn more about DJ's art and his mission with public speaking, please visit his website at:

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  1. I ran into a mom I've known for years, who visited DJ's site finding his art and message inspiring.