Sunday, December 2, 2018

Add That Special Touch

One of the brands that has been a HUGE hit with our clients this year is Trimark, part of the PCNA family of brands. What makes this line special and a go to resource- the decoration! We've been featuring this brand all year and that trend will not change for 2019. The ability to capture the intent of your gift with the actual decoration of the garment is unique.

Recently I was meeting with a client, we were discussing tees for a 2019 kick off to their re-branding and yearly theme. Our client was excited to learn that we could include a message, unique to employees, inside the garment in several key locations.

Our friends at Trimark have a  select group of apparel styles that allow you to feature your logo or special message on a panel inside the neck or waistline. It's your brand, your message, all the way down to the label.

Adding a message is a big opportunity to add a special touch to your apparel. You can simply add your logo to create a custom collection, or you can use these branding locations for recognizing special occasions and commemorating milestones such as work anniversaries.

Ideal For Holiday and Year-End Occasions

In the most practical sense, custom labels give you the opportunity to make an additional impression with your promotional apparel.  It's a nice, discreet way to send a message without overloading the exterior of the garment.  In a less tangible way, it creates a personal connection with the recipient.  When used for a holiday gift or a year-end award, a custom label adds a positive feeling that stays with the wearer every time he or she puts on the piece.

Worry Free

Don't be deterred by smaller orders. Along with Trimark's low minimum order quantities, creating a custom collection or adding a special message is easier and more affordable than ever. Plus, Trimark's high-precision True Edge™ Transfer decoration is ideal for putting text and graphics on a smaller imprint area. With True Edge™ Transfer, we can reproduce small (think 8 pt. small) freestanding text - perfect for a label.

Ready to make a connection and add a special touch to your apparel gifts? Ask us to send you our Trimark decoration guide to all your options.

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