Saturday, February 3, 2018

How To Get People To Wear Your Branded Apparel

Of course we can provide you a left chest logo- but how can we make your brand take center stage. Offering you our partners that can enhance your brand with mixed media decoration processes and wow factor techniques. Think beyond traditional left chest embroidery. Go for new locations and new ways to sharing your message. Think of apparel like a canvas- have some fun.  

What will be the result? Apparel people want to wear not have to wear! That my friends is how you get people to wear your apparel, provide them something beyond traditional branding.

 Check out these 7 spring trends from our PCNA partner- Trimark-

1- Metallic and shiny features such as studs and sequins were stealing the show on the runways this season. Capture this season’s hottest trend with reflective and metallic transfers in gold and silver and metallic embroidery. But if you really want to steal the spotlight, HXD offers no limits on color so you can give any color of the rainbow a dramatic metallic treatment.

2- Paint splattered clothing and graffiti-inspired looks continue to rock the runway. If you are feeling inspired with these artsy looks, we can easily replicate this vibe with true edge and infusion. For more subtle take on the trend, try a laser knock out!

3. Reinforce your brand by creating a pattern with your logo. This look will translate well, especially if you choose a piece with a distinct panel, where it gets a distinctly custom look.

4. From pop culture imagery to nature photography, prints are definitely hot right now. We have a great line of apparel that was created specifically for our Infusion decoration. Our Photograffixx transfer is also ready to produce photo perfect looks.

 5. Dig into the archives for your retro logos, because what was old is new again. If you want to reinforce a vintage feel, we can add a distress filter on it.

6. Contrast top stitching everywhere! This is easily achieved with embroidery. If bigger is better to you, try using a bean stitch on a outline logo. We can easily emulate this trend with true edge for a faux stitching look.

7. If you are inspired by the patchwork and quilting trend seen this spring, let’s mix and not match patterns because symmetry is so last year. 

We can create different patterns with just one set up. 
                 Did the zipper to get in the way of your full front logo? 
                         Now use that split as a main feature!
Ready for more inspiration? 

Visit our decoration page to see all ways that we can bring your brand apparel to life.

 What's your favorite trend?

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