Saturday, August 12, 2017

Would You Get A Microchip?

Last week several media outlets carried stories about employees willingly having a microchip placed beneath their skin. Advocators for this type of technology point to ease of use, security for data and identification. For a gal who is still getting past adult communication in the form of a text, a microchip is not coming for me. However, technology is changing our lives. As we zoom towards the end of the year tailgating, acknowledgement and gifts will take center stage. Mixing in top technology to stay connected is a great way to show you care and provide brand interaction.

 Information at your fingertips-

 Stay connected-

Track your goals-

 Never lose things-

 Fall in love again-
 Hear the difference-

Security & peace of mind when you travel-

Capture the action-

Enjoy the comfort and the sound- 

 Charge anywhere- MyCharge-

 Travel with the best-
 Fold and go-
 Take your favorite music where you want to go-
 Brands that deliver-
 According to a 2016 PPAI study- a branded gift will create goodwill, loyalty and generate a call to action with your intended recipient. In fact, promotional gifts were they only  category compared with broadcast advertising, on line advertising, mobile advertising and print advertising that topped  the #1 response from Millennial's, Gen-X, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation; impressive right?  Response to a promotional gift create an emotional connection.

Which items, which brands? It depends on your message and the intended recipient, because you want to select items that will be appreciated and used. We always suggest making employee and key business relationship gifts part of your over marketing plan rather than a knee-jerk reaction to acknowledgment.

What's your favorite gift?

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