Saturday, May 27, 2017

Four Retail Trends to Steal

There is a reason that promotional and retail share similar trends; consumers are always looking for "what's new". Often what is new is not so much the product. Instead it is the product's appearance, properties or function. For example, silicone wristbands have been around for years; did you know they now have some offering a protective property to the individual wearing them? Yes! Insect repellent bands.

When you are seeking a way to connect with your target market consider how your brand story fits into their life. If you are a pediatrician who wants to warn parents about issues that might arise with insect bites in toddlers, an inexpensive way to connect would be insect repellent wristbands. Does your demographic use their car to go camping? See how easily a promotion ties into your target audience?

Color- Bright colors including yellows, oranges and reds are perfect colors for summertime accessories such as beach mat, mesh totes or these brand new insect repellent wristbands

Patterns- Flora and fauna are bold patterns for apparel, beach towels are perfect for seasonal businesses. If you are a local pool, beach shuttle service, florist or garden shop, strong floral patterns aren't just trendy, they offer you a way to connect with your target market in a useful way that also share your brand message.  The more you can connect with a brand using one of your consumer's 5 senses, the more the message will be retained.

Brands- Popular brands are utilizing colorful embroidery designs on shoes, purses, and other accessories.

Tourist- the “touristy” look is an up and coming trend that includes, tropical, Latin and African inspired apparel and accessories maybe at point of purchase you use a counter mat  
to share a promotion to win items for your ideal summer tourist destination.

Fidget Spinners- These are a new item that are perfect for reducing stress and boredom. Self-soothing and encourages focus. Perfect for all ages!

Where would you like your brand to travel this summer? We put your brand front and center which produces results!

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