Monday, May 8, 2017

Build A Better Business Card

The business card is a "basic" for professionals, despite technology, we share our cards!

What should be on your card?

            Of course your contact information, location and business name....

What Are The Top 10 tips We Suggest?

  • Use a tagline or sum up what products or services you offer consumers.
  • Do you have core words that describe your value? Consider using those on the card.
  • Have a business that lends itself to an icon shape? For example if you own a record store, your cards might be round! If you train dogs, your card might have a bite taken out of the corner with a tagline that says, our dogs don't bite! 
  • Avoid using free card templates; business cards should reflect your business not be a stock design.
  • Want to include a photo? Make sure it's a current image of you. 
  •  Besides avoiding stock card backgrounds, don't use clip art- a "clean card lay out" is better than inserting clip art image.
  •  Analogues colors, those colors side by side on the color wheel, create a pleasing appearance. 
  • Have a business with tips to offer? Consider adding conversion charts, food purchasing tips for healthy living, or ways to reduce your footprint if you are in an Eco based business. 
  • QR Codes were the "rage" a few years back- Use them if you have a video about your business on your website; scan and go to that site from your card.   
  • Avoid using too many fonts on your card or crowding the space with too much content; if the consumer has to hunt for your information, they won't use your card! 
    We updated our cards earlier this year as part of our 10 year celebration!

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