Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Order Accuracy

How can you help with order accuracy? Reviewing documents carefully and understanding what you are viewing.

While many consider a virtual, a mockup and a proof the same– they are actually very different. 

When your company supplies us a vectored form of your logo, we can provide a virtual image. 
 Supplier virtual images can be very realistic, some suppliers utilize technology that will show an object etched or embroidered. Virtual images, however, can be inaccurate. The virtual may be larger or placed slightly “off” from the actual imprint area; don’t rely on a virtual only as final proof.  

By sharing your EPS file prior to an actual order, we are able to provide a summary of the details for  review. 

When client's don't have an EPS or vectored file, we have to create one- that's when spelling errors or inverted numbers can come into play as the new file needed to be reviewed carefully for content. 

We provide a “mock up” for how the logo is to be imprinted prior to ordering. If it’s white imprint on a black object your mock up will show black because we are denoting imprint size, the summary will say– using white imprint.  Sized mock ups are to scale, the PDF you review will show your logo or additional content such as a website, taglines or phone number sized to the imprint area; scaled to the correct size. This “proofing process” allows for the “back and forth” of maximizing the content and placement of information prior to placing the order, which keeps the approval process with the supplier quick.  

The supplier, given time within the production time line, will send us a template or schematic version of the logo showing the exact placement on the promotional piece which is scaled to size for that imprint area and called a proof. We in turn share proofs on standard production orders to add a final layer of  approval to the order process. 

The summary  process is provided to reduce errors and questions, which we are happy to report 99% accuracy on orders each year!

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