Monday, September 9, 2013

How Wide Should You Cast Your Advertising Net?

Ever talked to a new business owner or visited a networking group? Often when asking individuals to describe their ideal business lead the response will be that “everyone” is their demographic. While that business might be a fit for many types of demographics it also is an indication that the business owner or representative has not yet determined what type of client makes them profitable and is a good fit for their goods or services. The same story often applies when clients come into the showroom for their first consultation; they are excited but overwhelmed by all of the choices for products to brand their company.  

Branding is a much easier task when delegated as a collaborative process to your brand strategist. As part of developing strategies that are effective, one must clearly define their demographic to their consultant. The next step is to outline why you want to reach this audience. In other words explain the message you are trying to convey. Armed with those types of facts it is much easier to determine what type of advertising piece will work best for your message and brand. 

To be successful in businesses one needs consistent interaction with an on going connection of well qualified and pre-qualified customers. A service business grows with more customers to serve right? Most people want services close to their home or office for convenience. If someone in home repair targets a neighborhood at an age where home repairs will more likely be the norm, their success rate for a door hanger or direct mail piece has now increased. 

Each year functional and useable products top the list of promotional items. Did you know the statistical data below taken from ASI’s yearly Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study shows that the cost of advertising with branded promotional pieces is the most cost effective form of advertising you can use or that 66% of recipients will give away an item they can not use? When was the last time someone handed you a newspaper, magazine, TV or radio ad that did not create a connection for them?

The fast facts below clearly illustrate that bags top the list for the most impressions; however bags are not just for groceries and retail shopping trips. Think beyond the tote to containers that hold trash in your card, secure your phone on your golf bag, carry snacks to the game, provide safety with a reflective Halloween candy bag or even organize your daily business tools as they travel in their car or to meetings. Writing instruments endure because despite the popularity of tech pieces, our society does write! Promotional writing pieces are designed to work with your demographic adding features the recipient will consider useful such as the popular stylus tip for using on your phones, tablets and other tech devices or pencils that change colors or even smell like fun fragrances for kids.

If you’re one of our clients I hope you remember that I shared the global study back in January as part of your jump start to 2013 planning. Lost your study? Simply ask our team to share with you. As part of your business plan, reflect on strategies that did or did not yield results for your brand. Consider re-tooling your efforts with a stronger look at what promotional pieces can do for casting your net on a specific target audience. While promotional advertising gets results for less cost per impression, the key is to layer advertising mediums that work for your company together for a stronger overall approach to building your brand. Use your promotional representative like a fisherman uses radar to help guide you to the pool of best clients by leveraging the best promotional piece to get results.

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