Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Kitchen Is Not Just For Cooking

What's a great long life highly visible promotional item?
Something for the kitchen. The average American family spends 175 hours a month in their kitchen, while only 31 hours in their family room according to a study done recently by Electrolux Group. Need more proof? Look at social media, folks are always pinning and posting images of food even sharing links to recipes. Americans love their kitchens and the kitchen is a great opportunity for a promotional campaign using functional reusable items. In fact, I have several branded promotional items I acquired as much as 10-15 years ago in my kitchen; talk about long life advertising.
Who can effectively use a kitchen item for promotional advertising?
Many industries because themes for items that cut, measure, protect counters, store food or seal products make connections to security, protection and quantifying results. For instance, food related industries like restaurants, grocery stores and catering companies might consider utensils that make "take out" easier to prep once home or to store left over. While contractors, builders, real estate, insurance and cleaning services might brand with items like yard sticks, fly swatters, flashlights, measuring tapes, mop buckets, car wash kits or other useful materials that extend into their services and have space beyond the kitchen. Financial planners and banks can use scoops and measuring products to relate to words that imply gains, growth or that net results.
Create a fun distribution plan for your products!
If you’re holding an ice cream social at your business, scoop up their flavor in a take home scooper outlining the scoop on how your business can assist. Bundle useful items like grocery lists, notes to teacher, spoons and coffee measure together in a hot pad as a nice gift for a new homeowner to say “thank you” for their business. Are you part of a network of related or referral businesses? Perhaps each of you includes a branded piece together as an acknowledgment from your local network of resources.
What's your favorite kitchen item? Let's turn it into a winning promotion.

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