Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unique piece for families and scouts to commemorate the event, identify their group and show other scouts during Jamboree.

Taking sketches of ideas for what symbolizes Scouting and turn it into a real actual product rather than just a vision or concept.

The scouts and families involved loved the final cap, in fact, no one wanted to trade their cap for any other souvenirs, in fact their cap was the hit of the event! As the distributor working on this project, it's fun to see local families I know involved in scouting still wearing our cap designs months later at events I am attending in the community.

In Scouting, it's all about how cool the custom stuff is. Whether it be patches, hats or shirts, you know you've impressed people when you see them wearing the item long after the event. Thanks to the help of Promotional Partners, I was able to design a fully-custom, embroidered baseball hat for participants in a bus day trip to the National Scout Jamboree, and I still see it at Scout events months later. People are still asking me if I have any hats left, as they want one; even grown men are asking for the hat! Not only is it cool in design, but the materials and workmanship are exceptional. And no one can get over the awesome value as well. Many thanks to Promotional Partners for taking my initial ideas and sketches and turning it in to the best souvenir out there!

Paula GardnerOcconeechee Council Jamboree Day Trip

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