Saturday, September 30, 2017

Everything's Bigger In Texas!

My son's both flew independent flights to Dallas this week to meet up for a long weekend. Avid sports fans and long time Cowboys fans, the trip holds the promise of fun memories. It's cool to live out dreams- for the boys, seeing Dallas play at home. While their thoughts were on all places they wanted to visit, my thoughts were on protecting my boys and making the most of their experiences. 

Gifting is about the relationship between you and the recipient. A carefully selected gift shows that you understand the needs, habits and preferences of the recipient. One of the things I love the most about my industry is the abundance of choice! There is really no reason for anyone to lack for a signature gift that fits their budget and conveys the message they want to share. 

While the boys planned for places to go on their trip, I purchased products selected to enhance their trip.  

What did I select?

Of course they needed a roomy, yet compact  
 duffel carry on- 

Solar lighting quick power bank to make sure they did not miss any action.

Visiting so many places with crowds- they would be at risk without  RFID-blocking wallets to protect their sensitive personal information- even round town- 

What is RFID? Items made from a material that interferes with radio waves, making a credit card’s RFID chip difficult to read by someone trying to “skim” sensitive information from the card or passport.

Finally, what's a game without a close up view of your favorite players? 

Had my purchases been for business relationships instead of my boys, who could care less about the wrapping, attractive packaging would have been a factor. Adding print rich images, logos, messages not only add color, but character to the package.

Looking for some ideas when the showroom isn't open? Browse these digital catalogs- then check with your brand consultant to develop a plan that fits your budget. 


 There's a saying, "Everything's Bigger In Texas"! 

This holiday season connect in a BIG way with a quality gift for employees, customers and key business relationships. There are 5280 feet in a mile and our team is here to help you go the extra mile with this year's signature gift!

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