Monday, January 12, 2015

Make It A Date?

In developing a promotional calendar for events it’s important to first decide the intent.

Are you seeking dates for internal fun and camaraderie building at the office? If the answer is yes, then consider quirky dates that reflect the personalities and culture of your office. Promotional items are not just for advertising. Promotional pieces selected around “office fun” also provide recall and retention to your workforce.

Are you looking for ways to connect with your clients via social media? Yes? Select dates that provide a connection to your company, dates that open dialogue to your core values; dates that relate to your mission & purpose. Layering your media with redemption offers or events in your office provide a way to gauge interest and provide an interactive moment with your target market beyond the social media post.

Do you want to connect with national dates to provide a larger platform for rolling out a new product, service or event that would be of interest to your client base? Make sure to plan ahead for the year to be ready for these types of events. It is important that your promotional pieces accurately reflect your message; meet with your brand consultant in early January to share goals and objectives.  

Our date’s format has changed for 2015, each month we will be featuring products from our website.

Products selected for this month include:

Click on the image below or in our date’s section to find strategies for 2015. What dates will you commemorate this year?

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