Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Secret Way to Generate More Referrals

Are your employees promoting their employer, connecting with potential new hires and generating referrals? If you answered no, you may need to craft a referral program. By utilizing your staff as a brand builder you’ve empowered a top secret approach to generate growth! When a company or organization grows, so do the benefits for that employee. However, often non profits and small businesses are guilty of not promoting their brand because they are focused on maximizing dollars. Branding is critical for everyone in every organization, regardless of the size. 

Consider for a moment your perception of a company that displays print rich images and branding at the point of reception. Companies that layer brand colors and logos throughout the building as well as with the apparel of employees are promoting the brand. In your virtual moment, does the conference room contain branding on the walls, drink ware and meeting materials? Think about it, does a well dressed person usually wear designer shoes with a Target purse? In other words, perceived or real an organization or business is seeking to provide the feeling of a larger well thought out brand from head to toe.

Stay top of mind with employees by adding branding to their everyday routine

Select functional pieces for your industry and work environment. Are you on a budget? Who isn’t? However that does not mean you can not have some fun! 

·         Perhaps branded silicone wristbands might remind employees of referral rewards program.
·         New hires might receive a company branded welcome kit with a bag, pen, journal and travel mug.
·         Make goals and programs intriguing to employees. Include a hand written message from the owner or CEO at their desk on Monday morning.
·         Strengthen your message with strong visual images, a pyramid is seen as solid structure while a file box is seen as work; what do you think of when you see a metal briefcase? Security or top secret documents? What if you made the job of getting referrals part of a top secret mission just for employees?
·         Use chalkboard mugs strategically placed as a way to provide clues or incentives to the “next step” in the referral process.
·         Does your service fit your customers like a glove? Perhaps to kick off the campaign by providing each employee a pair of gloves to remind them about key ways your service fits your customers. Insert the key points inside the gloves for employees to absorb and post at their desk. They can then keep the gloves as a gift and reminder of the program.

Think head to toe…inside and out, what small changes can you make to add more revenue to your business by make intentional choices to build your referrals from the inside out. Have a strategy that has worked well for your company? Share it on our blog.

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