Monday, August 2, 2010

Need Money?

It’s no secret that educational institutions and organizations suffer when the economy has dips, funding is often short of needs. Given our owners background in teaching, leadership roles on PTA and serving on many types of boards as an active committee member our company is able to create unique ideas that work for fundraising using our access to the over 900,000 types of ad specialty products available to you. By tailoring a low cost product to the needs of your organization we can show you how we have been successful for walks, runs, charity auctions and creating funding for operational money needed to jump start programs at the beginning of your calendar year. A perfect example is when an educational group wants to reward its employees with a branded yet functional gift. Sticky pads can provide a low cost item that could be viewed as an operational expense rather than an advertising expense. We can even create programs to collect data from your website with reward programs geared towards your target audience or create custom calendars or photo books that serve your organization with images that promote your organization while raising you much needed funds. Ask our team to share some case studies with results!

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